How to make funny sandwiches

Cómo hacer sándwiches animados
The sandwiches are a type of fast food most of time to relate the bad nutritional quality, since they are very easy to prepare, always look fresh, and many of its components are rich in calories. However, they do not have to use unhealthy ingredients to make some delicious sandwiches for the family. The key is to know the type of fill that you want to use and how to combine them to make a quick and healthy meal.
There are many ways to prepare healthy snacks to include in a healthy and balanced diet. On this occasion you want to share the delicious recipe for some sandwiches, especially to share with the children in a special occasion or include them in your lunchbox.

What are the advantages of sandwiches?

One of the first advantages that we must take account of the sandwiches is easy to take anywhere, so they are ideal for the kids lunch box or snack. In addition, they are a quickly prepared meal and very healthy, provided good-quality ingredients are used. With a single bite, can provide you the body of essential nutrients, since us provides carbohydrates through bread, vitamins and minerals through a significant amount of protein and vegetables depending on the type of meat that we use.

Why making animated sandwiches?

A healthy way to provide nutrients to our children is through animated sandwiches. Tuna, ham and other healthy ingredients are prepared with wholemeal bread, vegetables. Unlike other recipes, this is more special for the children, that is to give them a different and attractive way so that they would not hesitate to eat them. Giving animation to sandwiches, we are going to achieve a nutritious and all the taste of the smaller meal.

How to prepare animated sandwiches?

Making animated sandwiches is as simple as any other sandwich. Follow these simple steps and enjoy it.
Ingredientes de sandwiches animados
  • 8-10 slices of integral bread.
  • 150 g of mayonnaise.
  • raw cabbage ¼.
  • 100 g of corn.
  • 150 g of ham.
  • 150 g of crab sticks.
  • 1 piquillo pepper.
  • 100 g of tuna in vegetable oil.
Receta de sandwiches animados - Paso 1 al 4
  • Step 1. Chop ham into small pieces and reserve.
  • Step 2. It parses the pepper and reserve.
  • Step 3. Wash the cabbage and cut it finite.
  • Step 4. Mix in a bowl the cabbage, ham, peppers, corn, sticks and tuna.
Receta de sandwiches animados - Paso 5 al 8
  • Step 5. Mix well and add mayonnaise (check the taste and add a little salt if necessary).
  • Step 6. Stuffed edges them of pan to form the sandwich.
  • Step 7. To obtain the desired drawing, shape them with a cookie cutter.
  • Step 8. Serve them and enjoy them.
You can use cutters for cookies you want to make different shapes . You can find them in a kitchen and accessories store or in supermarkets.

Quick and healthy meal

As you can see, these sandwiches are very easy to prepare, not take away a long time and are highly nutritious. All its ingredients are healthy and, in perspective, make a good to your body. They are ideal to take a healthy snack, delicious, easy to prepare and perfect everywhere.
If you're not the tuna lover, you can also prepare it with chopped chicken.
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