How to correct posture

It is essential to monitor our position when we are in front of the computer to prevent damage to our backs. To strengthen the musculature to avoid headaches
Cómo corregir la postura
Many times will acquire poor postures that apart from being aesthetically unpleasant, you can generate a large muscle, problems or worse column, which Yes would require long therapy and extensive help from experts so you can get out of this problem. Some consist of having the hunched shoulders and tilt your head forward. But as you might already know, this will generate a pain that begin in a mild way and little by little it will becoming something every day worse.
If you want to fix these problems it is essential that you carry out some exercises such as: training exercises of force to make the strong weak muscles, and exercises of elongation for the areas you have more compressed.
You then provide some of the exercises from which you can make use of so that you can correct your posture.
You need to start by heating your muscles, this can be gently jogging for 10 minutes without stopping. Then you are going to make one of the most recommended to correct your posture:

Exercise #1ejercicios-abdominales-recopi-668x400x80xX

You lie face down on a comfortable surface, but that is completely flat. This will focus much on the correction of your shoulders hunched. Then you go to the upper part of your body from the surface on which you are lying down, you're going to include your arms, and will do it as high as you can, but you should not strive, everything should flow comfortably. Then you juntarás your shoulder blades and squeeze them. You should seek to maintain this position for at least 3 seconds. After you inhale, recostarás you again on the flat surface and you should perform 15 to 20 reps.
Then you will lie on your back and your legs go straight. You must put pressure on the lower part of your back. With this exercise, you will manage to increase the strength of the muscles of your abdominals and your pelvis. Subsequently come down slowly your legs as close to the floor that you anymore, without raising espala it flat surface, when you have the legs as far down as you can, you will maintain that position for 3 seconds and then you lift up your legs again. You will do 10 to 15 repetitions.
Again lying on your back, place a ball of stability in the middle of your thighs and tighten it as much as you can. You will keep this position for 5 seconds; and you will do 10 to 15 repetitions.

Exercise #2


Another exercise that can help you to correct your posture is as follows: lying on your back, bring your knees bent as slowly as possible to your chest, this will do it very carefully, otherwise you can cause injury. The aim of this exercise is to stretch the lower part of your back, posture you must hold it for 20 seconds, you should perform 5 repetitions.

Exercise #3


In the following exercise will again make use of stability ball: what you should do is sit on top of the ball so straight, with your legs slightly open will form a "v". Then you shall bow down slowly forward until you feel a stretch in the hamstrings. Try to keep this position for 30 seconds.

Exercise #4

Ejercicios quemar grasa

The other exercise will take place in the following way: you will stop at a door and your right arm will place it on it, the elbow should be bent generating a right angle. You will then place your left foot forward and girarás it to the left until you feel a stretch in your right pectoral muscle, then you're going to turn and change arm and leg to stretch both in your right hand as the left.
Already in conclusion we recommend that you feel and you always stand straight. It is important to keep the largest number of possible time your ABS down and your hips located naturally in place without any pressure. Your shoulders and your neck must go always back, because as you start them to forward your posture will be damaging, which will generate that then it is much harder to correct. This must be very aware when you sit in front of a computer or any mobile device
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