How to avoid and cure stomach acidity

Cómo evitar y curar la acidez de estómago
The burning or acidity of stomach is a more common sense than we think and often even do ignore your symptoms. It is characterized as a burning sensation that starts at the height of the pit of the stomach and "goes" up to the chest and throat. Learn how to prevent and cure the heartburn in this article.

Does heartburn when and why?

The symptoms of heartburn occur approximately one hour after eating and it can persist for a long period. On several occasions, can be accompanied by regurgitation (feeling that the food returns to the mouth or throat), nausea and reflux, if it is that we go to sleep then eat. Also feels an acid or bitter taste in the mouth.
Heartburn or heartburn occurs due to a malfunction of the lower sphincter of the oesophagus, called Cardia. This opening or muscular ring serves to separate the stomach from the esophagus, allowing the passage of food from the last to the first, but not in adverse direction. When the bolus passes through there, automatically close to prevent the gastric juices that already "into action" rising to the esophagus. However, when the Cardia is weakened or relax, you cannot perform its work properly. This brings as consequence that the walls of the esophagus to become inflamed or irritated, for this reason, the usual burning or burning sensation.
Dolor de estomago
The causes of the heartburn can be varied, for example: hearty meals, eat fast or hurry, eating certain foods, obesity, pregnancy, use of certain drugs (such as antidepressants or painkillers), oral diseases (gingivitis, cavities), pharyngitis, laryngitis and lie down immediately to eat, without waiting to make the digestion. Beyond the causes, the doctors advise correct habits and behaviors that may predispose a person to suffer from these problems.
Must be taken into account that antacids or acid secretion inhibitors have little lasting effect and does not prevent the problem, but it calms him at that time. When we repeat the habit that produces it, again we will suffer it. Then, best to avoid the intake of certain foods, such as fat. Other food groups that aggravate or produce acidity are the spicy, many spices, chocolate, alcoholic beverages (especially white wine), coffee, tea and soft drinks.
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He is also recommended to carry out certain postural and hygienic measures to relieve the symptoms. Among these are: not bedtime, not much Flex the trunk, use garment very tight, you don't smoke, avoid stressful situations or nerves, not exercise all of them immediately after eating.

More tips to avoid heartburn or heartburn

Doctors tell patients that suffer from this problem frequently:
  • maintaining a healthy and appropriate weight avoiding obesity
  • Chew and eat slowly, to to crush all foods well
  • distribute food in small amounts, preferable five light meals to two heavy, so not much stimulates gastric acid secretion
  • allow at least two hours after the last daily intake
  • eat more protein and less fat: lean beef, nonfat dairy, fruits, vegetables
  • avoid butter, salsa, fat, sausages, stews, batter, especially at night
  • use simple culinary techniques: iron, oven, boil, steam, grill.
  • avoid foods that relax the Cardia as alcoholic or soft drinks, chocolate, onions, garlic, coffee, tea, fermented and cured cheeses and fats.
  • do not consume what damages the esophageal mucosa: citrus fruits (fruit juices or whole), tomato, coffee, carbonated drinks, mustard, paprika, pepper, very hot or very cold food, melon, cucumber, pepper and whole-grain products.

Natural remedies for heartburn

  • Chamomile: improves digestion and relaxation of the Cardia (and the body in general), they reduce the risk of reflux and improves the heartburn after meals. It also helps to neutralize or balance the acidic pH of the stomach. Drink a Cup after lunch or dinner.
  • Licorice: properties soothe many gastric problems, soothing properties. You have to consume with care because it can cause increased blood pressure or fluid retention. It is served in case of ulcers.
  • Aloe vera: is used to cure skin irritation and Burns of the skin therefore also is effective for injuries causing gastric acid into the esophagus or mouth of the stomach. Aloe vera juice is responsible for reducing inflammation. Consumes a quarter cup half an hour before eating. Be careful because you also have laxative properties. It is preferable to mix it, or dilute it in water.
Aloe vera pecas
  • Sodium bicarbonate: is a product that can never miss a home. Take a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water is one of the most effective antacids. Avoid eating at the moment which makes effervescence (the opposite of antacid pills), hopes that this gas is eliminated and then drink.
  • Ginger: one of the most common folk remedies for stomach's acidity is fresh ginger , which is also used to prevent nausea. You can add to the salads, for example, or you can drink it as a tea.
  • Gum: to chewing gum, acidity decreases, since the mouth secretes more saliva, a natural protector of the esophagus. It is better to not have sugar.
Goma de mascar - Chicle
  • Banana: this fruit eaten as dessert acts as an excellent antacid.
  • Water: drink a large glass of water, as cold as possible, just feel the first sign of heartburn, so "washed" the acid that is trying to climb up the esophagus.
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