How many hours should we sleep?

The number of hours of sleep varies with each person. Sometimes is necessary a NAP during the day if not well have rested overnight.
¿Cuántas horas debemos dormir?
We all know well that newborn infants should sleep many hours a day. The largest need to sleep at least nine hours to get a good development, and we, the adults, respect that while they have to rest. However, very often we are unaware of that also require adequate hours to get a good night's sleep and thus achieve our organism to work properly.

How many hours do you sleep to have a good rest?

The hours that you should sleep especially depend on the characteristics of each person and their age. There are people who require more hours of sleep to feel truly restful.
We all know that the good night's sleep we have nights helps us to restore our body physically and mentally. It is the reason why it is important to be very steady and completed with schedules that are dedicated to rest.
Well, according to ages, we must have a few hours rest specific nights:
  • Babies should sleep at least fourteen or fifteen hours a day.
  • Children between one and three years should sleep of twelve to fourteen hour.
  • School-age children should sleep of ten to eleven hours.
  • Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep a day.
  • Older adults can not reconcile a peaceful sleep and wake up several times at night, so need a NAP during the day to repair something late sleep.

The hours of sleep are sacred

Is necessary to sleep the hours required every day. In no way can sleep well a day Yes and another not: we will be paying much less in our daily activities by not rested enough. Also there are possibilities that this causes episodes of stress, which can seriously affect our health.
Restful sleep must be continuous and of good quality. It is not the same sleep hours recommended so smoothly, that be arousing all the time during those eight hours long.
The rest of poor quality can produce, as we mentioned above, stress, anxiety and depression. Most importantly, make the right decision rest with quality, the hours required to be able to pay the necessary and have a better quality of life. In addition, we should think about the effects that could result in the future.
Please bear in mind that if you don't rest enough hours can be very dangerous to your health. Perhaps no notes soon, but will the day you see affected by any consequence of the lack of adequate rest. If your work requires you to spend the night in sailing, tries to rest during the day to compensate those important hours of sleep.
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