Foods that lower your blood sugar level

Alimentos que reducen tu nivel de azúcar en la sangre

If you're diabetic, you are probably familiar with the foods that lower blood sugar. If you're not, it is important and beneficial, that you include foods that reduce the sugar in your blood in your diet on a regular basis. Keep sugar levels in the blood at a level consistently low is important to maintain or lose weight, reduce stress and keep your healthy heart.

These are some foods that not only help to reduce the sugar in the blood, but in addition will help that your appetite is more stable.


Avocados are one of the best foods that lower blood sugar. Avocados are rich in fatty acids mono unsaturated, which reduce stress, diseases of the heart, and even help burn belly fat. Their healthy fats also stabilize insulin levels and reduce blood sugar levels.


Walnuts are a fabulous food, and above all a great food to lower sugar levels in the blood. Walnuts are the only dried fruit with the fatty acids Omega 3's powerful in abundant quantities, which help reduce blood sugar and maintain stable insulin.


Fish is a wonderful to reduce their blood sugar levels and stabilize insulin levels. The fish is rich in protein, iron, B complex vitamins, and more importantly, healthy fats.


Due to the fact that beans are a protein and starch, can be difficult to digest for some people, but due to the same reason, they are excellent to stabilize blood sugar levels, since they take a long time to digest.



This tasty condiment is believed that improves the response of insulin to glucose (sugar) in the body and reduce blood sugar levels. It can also help reduce LDL cholesterol.


Choose non-starchy vegetables. Fresh vegetables are low in fat and calories, high in fiber and have a high water content. In addition, help you feel full longer and keep blood sugar levels soar.


Vinegar lower blood sugar levels when eaten before or with meals and is a great option instead of high calorie in salad dressings. It also keeps food in the stomach longer, greatly reducing the levels of sugar in the blood, as well as cravings, and may aid in digestion. Recommended apple cider vinegar.


It's making these delicious and nutritious foods part of your regular meals each day. Remember that a good diet is the most powerful tool in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, diseases of the heart, obesity, and depression.

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