8 ways to minimize wrinkles

An adequate daily rest is essential to stay young. Sleep 7-9 hours a day without interruption contributes to having healthier skin
8 maneras de minimizar las arrugas

The years do not come alone and at some point we have to accept old age and their signs as one stage of our life. The wrinkles are part of the aging process of our body, but may also appear as a result of other factors. It is shown that skin can age prematurely because of bad habits, poor nutrition, pollution, or exposure to the Sun, among others. Luckily, there are several keys to minimize wrinkles and improving skin health. If you fear for the early appearance of wrinkles, we invite you to take note of the following recommendations to prevent and mitigate them.

Avoid exposure to the Sun

Excessive unprotected sun exposure causes damage to the skin and causes early wrinkles. Use protective solar, especially on the face and neck, is one of the ways of preventing and reducing the premature aging of the skin. Be sure to use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

Quit smoking


In addition to causing severe damage to your health domestically, cigarette also accelerates the premature aging of the skin and gives rise to the emergence of signs of age. But not only smoking causes these negative effects on the skin. Being near someone smoking has the same effects, due to the toxic cigarette-releasing. This bad habit decreases blood flow, slows the adequate production of collagen and has serious consequences on the health of the skin.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a step that should not miss at all beauty skincare routine. This treatment promotes the Elimination of dead skin, as well as the dust and the sucidad that tend to accumulate in the folds and wrinkles to make them more obvious. An natural exfoliation takes care and hydrates the skin, stimulating the Elimination of dead cells for a young and renewed skin.

Sleep well


Correctly to rest every day is one of the keys to staying young and healthy look. When there is a good quality of sleep, there is a great production of a hormone called cortisol, causing the breakdown of the cells, in addition to bad mood. Sleep 7-9 hours a day without interruption contributes to a healthy, thick and elastic skin.

Eating fish

Regular consumption of salmon and other fish in cold water can help minimize wrinkles and delay its onset. This kind of food contains fatty acids omega 3 and other healthy fats that contribute to have a young, healthy and moisturised skin.

Avoid washing face too much

Wash the face is part of our daily routine of beauty, as a step to remove the dirt and impurities that accumulate during the day. However, it should be in moderation since the excesses and, above all, the use of soaps, are finishing with natural oils that help protect your skin from the early appearance of wrinkles and skin problems .

Keep the skin hydrated


The wrinkles take longer to appear and are less visible when the skin cells are well-hydrated. Every day is important to drink enough water and use a cream with moisturizing agents that properly humecten the skin cells.

Using a natural treatment to reduce wrinkles


Some natural ingredients are important properties that have proven very effective in the prevention and reduction of the premature aging of the skin. Below I list some:

  • Massage every night the skin using one sufficient amount of coconut oil.
  • Rub the center of a pineapple on the face, let it act for 10 minutes, rinse and repeat every day.
  • Make a brown sugar and turmeric paste, apply it evenly over all the face, leave it for few minutes and then rinse.
  • Apply every night a mask of aloe vera, let it act for 30 minutes and rinse.
  • Mix equal parts of olive oil and almond oil, and apply it with a gentle massage on the skin.
  • Apply oil of vitamin E or prepare a mask that uses this ingredient as a basis.
  • Prepare a mixture of honey, lemon and apply all over the face, leaving it to act for 20 minutes.
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