7 foods to gain weight healthily

7 alimentos para aumentar de peso saludablemente
Most people seeks to have a balanced weight allowing them to have good health and a figure that looks aesthetically good. In the search for a suitable weight most people looking to have a diet that allows them to lose weight and lose fat which accumulates due to poor eating habits; However, there are those who seek the opposite and expect to leave the thinness to achieve an ideal weight to them good health and make you feel good.
Also be below ideal weight is a problem that can seriously affect our health, as a result this You may cause hormonal imbalances, bone problems, gastritis, weakness, fatigue, and many other problems. If you feel that you should gain weight and want to do it in a proper way, today you are going to leave the 7 foods that you can include in your diet to gain weight rapidly and without overdo.


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The eggs are part of proteins, lean, ideal to increase muscle mass. Unlike other food, the egg does not harmful to the body fat. Are a rich source of minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium, and a lot of vitamins.

Dairy products

Foods like whole milk, cheese and yogurt, are a good ally for those who want to gain weight. Dairy products are a rich source of fatty acids and vitamins that will help you achieve the goal without doing damage to your body. Is recommended to consume dairy products in its purest since thus they provide large amounts of protein and calories.


The pasta is a delicious, easy to prepare food and nutrients that provide great benefits to health. Paste is a highly energetic product, so it is very good to include it in your diet. For those looking to get more out to gain weight, it is recommended to prepare sauce, oil, cheese, among others.

Whole wheat bread

Added bread with seeds, nuts and grains such as oats, wheat germ, among others, are ideal for gaining weight in a controlled and healthy way. This type of food brings a plus of vegetable fats and calories that are beneficial to health, balancing the weight without excesses of any kind.

Dried fruits

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Are a rich source of good vegetable fats, vitamin E, fiber and antioxidants. In addition to helping balance the weight in a healthy way, they will have many benefits for good digestion and prevention of many diseases. Eating a handful of nuts, peanuts, or others, contributes 150 Kcal.


Moderate consumption of beef is ideal for gaining weight quickly thanks to its content of fats. Beef is rich in proteins and substances essential for the formation of all tissues of the body, as well as vitamins of the B-complex, proteins and minerals.
90 g of beef equals 28.8 g of protein. Excessive consumption should be avoided to be rich source of fats can cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, among others.


Fish contains proteins of high biological quality and are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Include them in your diet is ideal to control the weight of a moderate and balanced manner, their amino acids are very beneficial for health, and unlike meat, they are ideal to prevent overweight, diabetes, diseases of the heart, among others.


Before you start a diet to gain weight, the ideal is to go to the nutritionist so that it evaluate what is the ideal weight for us.
These foods are a very healthy way to achieve a weight balanced and without negative health effects; avoid foods with excess fats, sodium, flours, among others, since although they increase weight, can cause obesity and other serious health problems.
To supplement the diet of weight gain, the ideal is to combine the food with a good workout since these increase muscle mass, stimulate appetite, relieve stress and improve mood.
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