6 ways to fight depression

6 formas de combatir la depresión
At the moment, there is no such infallible pill that helps to erase the problems, to cure the sadness, resolve that depression walls that puts our lives and preventing us to "be" and move forward in happiness in this complex world.
It is said also that no depression is like, "your suffering is not equal to mine" and that each one will have to face depression in our own way and without never neglecting support they provide those who want us.
Today, in our space, we want to help you. We want to teach you 6 simple ways to deal with depression in those moments where life seems to have cornered in a very dark place. Then open the windows to your hope and never miss these simple tips.

1. the light therapy

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It is common that people suffering from severe depression seek to always be in his room, isolated from external stimuli, noise and even sunlight. It hurts and upsets them. That is why close even the windows looking for the penumbra.
Don't ever. People are creatures of light. We need the Sun to launch our circadian rhythms, to synthesize vitamins, to find forces, energy and motivation. It is therefore necessary to give you "Sun baths" 15 or 20 minutes three times a day. Just get up, at noon and in the evening, just before the sun go.

2 salt to walk

You have recommended it many times in our space: walking relaxes, starts our bloodstream, joy to the heart and cure the rocks of our brain.
Do not hesitate and go out for a walk every day for half an hour or an hour. It walks through a park, with a natural space that will allow you to minimize problems.

3. the fish oil

Aceite de pescado
Surprised? It is not well known, but many studies that come lately where it shows us that use regular fish oil reduces the incidence of depression and helps us to certain neurotransmitters to bring us more energy and motivation.
According to experts of the clinic may, in New York (United States), just take a teaspoon of fish oil a day (4 g) to continue improving little by little.

4 set a goal a day

mujer felicidad alegría naturaleza RelaxingMusic
We can start by very simple things. When you get up in the morning, mark you intended go to drink a coffee and meet with a friend to talk. Tomorrow, sign up for a course, yoga classes, drawing...
The other, going to go to the hairdresser to get a new haircut. You get to have a new image that you like in the mirror, you find yourself different, more beautiful, more courageous.
As you can see, they are very simple things. Later will come the more complicated targets, those that will help you make the changes you need in your life really.

5. the support of the most suitable people in your environment

At this point you should be very careful. There are people who will give you a pat on the back and will wish you that "you better soon". Some people think that a depression catches as colds, we are sad because we want to.
Socially, depression, despite being one of the diseases with more impact on the world, is not yet understood or accepted in all its reality, in all its nuances. "Mama is not well", "Down at work has taken because it is depressed". They are labels that many use not understand what depression is.
Therefore, you must have the support of those people who really understand you, that they know to listen to you, will give you good strategies so that every day you are best.

6 properly focus your thoughts

escribir mejor con salud
It is vital that approaches to combat and deal with a depression, your thoughts on these ideas:
  • Cure depression requires time. You won't find well overnight and will need the maximum of your forces, your energies.
  • Everyone can suffer depression. Don't be ashamed, don't you think that what you happens to you not happened to anyone. Millions of people have managed to overcome it and you are not going to be less. You have the right to fall, but you also have the obligation to arise.
  • Controls negative and intrusive thoughts . The "I can't", "I don't I deserve", "I never", "I don't know", "to my no'... These are your worst enemies everyday and to which you will have to face for every day, go to curing your depression.
  • You have the right to cry, angry, need your moments of solitude to think and reorganize your life. It is something normal that others must also respect. However, they will be only a few times a day. You'll see how, little by little, you need desahogarte will be less and see you with forces make small changes, advance, go dropping weight up to breathe without thorn of the depression.
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