6 tips to take care for your ears

6 tips para cuidar de tus oídos

How do you hear the world? the sound of traffic, music, voice of those around you... our ears are a window to the world that we must care for and preserve. But you do it properly? Are you sure, how you treat them? Don't worry, we give you a few simple guidelines to take care of hearing.

Remember to take care of your ears

We tend to overlook it. We think that go losing hearing only of older people, is something that will happen we arrived the 70 or 80. But it is not so. And even more, depending on habits that we're in the present will keep their health in the face of tomorrow.
On other occasions, we also remember our ears when they hurt us, when we have discomfort. Incorrect, lack of cleaning hygiene... This can cause us infections or even otitis, something as painful as dangerous if not treated properly. But now let's see what tips to bear in mind.

1 watch out for new technologies

Needs to be taken into account: the investigations have found that excessive use of portable digital music players, a time exceed 85 decibels, can generate serious risks in our ears, making us lose hearing gradually. I.e., in a few years we could start listening far less than we think.
The highest risk young people, and even children, have it undoubtedly constantly exposed to these technologies causing them almost imperceptible hearing loss. You know what symptoms can give us this phenomenon, you know that symptoms should take into account? ringing in the ear, hear constant sounds, stabbing pains appearing soon... and how not, to miss hearing acuity.

2 infections, flu, and colds

You should be especially careful when you're suffering you flus or colds. It is more likely to suffer an infection when we crossed these States. Specialists warn that a very high infection may cause us a loss of hearing. Do not hesitate, if you feel pain in the ears, fever and feeling dizzy with an uncomfortable tightness, it goes to your doctor so that you offer treatment.

3. sound devices

We almost never have it in mind. You may occasionally have turned on the television, and have at the same time, the headphones. When we expose our ears to multiple sound stimuli these suffer from the Overdrive, something that in the long run is damaging them irreversibly. Two more tips, when you put your mp3 or any other device in your ears, never raise it beyond 60%, and do not listen to them more than an hour and a half. Yes, hour and a half, is what the ENT, recommend us to have by custom to be much more...

4. do not introduce foreign objects in your ears

Limpiar oidos

It is more common than we think. Many people tend to introduce forks, pencils, or other objects in order to scratch or remove earwax. It is very dangerous, we can cause us serious injury damaging the inner membrane. Even is not recommended the use of cotton swabs to clean our ears, is what usually get drag inside the wax, which can be very harmful to the health of our ears.

5. care with moisture


When you give a shower or when you go to the pool, remember Ponte enabled small caps to do so. It is not something that many people practice, sometimes we forget or we do not give importance to the fact that is some water in the interior of our ears. But it is a risk that, in the long run can cause infections or otitis. So remember use plugs!

6. at the time of talking on the phone...


There are times that we are hours. Also occurs with more young people, long time with the handset of the phone we spent in any of our ears. And what happens when we hung the phone at the end of the conversation? We feel some numbness in that ear, as if us zumbara. It is a very dangerous thing. It is that you go happening from one ear to the other for not sorecargarlo, so resting our hand. Another curious aspect is that we tend to always have predominance by one of the ears, just as we have it hand and even eyes. When it comes to talking on the phone almost always use the same ear, so keep that in mind and remember to go change it every so often.

As you can see, these tips are not very complicated to follow or adapt to our daily lives. You're sure to follow proper hygiene , make good use of electronic devices and pass a review from time to time with a specialist, will allow us to maintain proper health of our ears. Don't forget it!
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