5 reasons why you should not return to take bottled water anymore

5 razones por las que no deberías volver a tomar agua embotellada nunca más
Water is an indispensable for our life beverage because, in addition to refresh ourselves, it also meets a very important role in our body and each of its functions. Taking into account the importance of water for our body and how necessary that is to keep us hydrated, many companies have turned this liquid in a business that is deceiving consumers for many decades. Under slogans such as "9 of every 10 doctors recommend it," many companies sell bottled water ensuring that it is healthier than the tap. However, although it seems very healthy, the truth is that some industries are distributed water of low quality at prices that are too high for consumers.
Bottled water is not a sustainable alternative, even if the industry wants to make it look so. It is true that currently many companies carried out projects for the reuse or recycling of plastic bottles but, in the majority of cases, always bottles end up in the trash and they continue to generate pollution. We're not saying that the tap water is 100% safe to use, as all of this depends on the treatment received to make it suitable for human consumption. With this clear, you present 5 reasons why you should never consume no more bottled water.

Plastic bottles are not sustainable

As we have already mentioned above, the industry wanted to make consumers believe that plastic bottles are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. However, these bottles are made with materials that can take hundreds of years to decompose.
Currently there are several campaigns of recycling to reduce the impact of plastic bottles on the environment, but this has only diminished a fraction of the pollution. According to several studies, there are more plastic bottles that go to the garbage that are recycled. In addition, bottles "biodegradable" will not break down as easily as it seems, because they only use less plastic than others.

Most bottled water is the same as the tap, but with a higher cost

In the bottle of water may appear a spring or a peaceful stream, but this does not mean that the water is 100% pure or better quality. In fact, only a small percentage of bottled water comes from springs or groundwater sources.
About 25% of bottled water is nothing more and nothing less than the tap. Obviously some companies filtered or radiate the running water with ultraviolet light before selling it to costs that are 100 times higher than what it costs the same amount of water and drinking it directly from the tap. In addition, several studies have found that samples of bottled water may contain phthalates, mold, germs, benzene, trihalomethanes and even arsenic. In this sense, experts believe more reliable drinking tap water while, obviously, taking into account what purification process is used in the municipal water supply.

Many bottled waters contain toxins

The plastic used in water bottles not only is bad for the planet, they can do damage to you. The bottling companies are using a type of plastic free of BPA, which is less toxic than other plastics. Without however, this not the pound have other chemicals that may leak when bottles are exposed to the heat for a long time. Some of these chemicals are possible endocrine disruptors, although it is not scientifically proven.

The local water is the complement of organic food

Organic foods They have become very popular these days, after determining they are much healthier than those who are subjected to pesticides and other chemicals. Cooking these foods with tap water also is a way to support the sustainable and healthy meal.

There are several healthy alternatives to bottled water

To save money, have a healthier choice, and be friendly to the environment, a good option is to get a reusable bottle in any size or shape that you like. In the market there are many bottles ideal for loading water from home and to always have this liquid so necessary for our life.
In the case of the home, there are also very innovative products that can increase the confidence when it comes to drinking tap water. A good option is a very elegant carafe that comes with a biodegradable filter which ensures a safer water. Another option is to get filters for sink, which is easily installed and improve the quality of the water.
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