5 easy ways to increase energy and physical performance

A proper daily hydration may be more effective to increase the levels of energy than conventional products.
5 maneras fáciles de aumentar la energía y el rendimiento físico
Most people can produce for themselves the energies necessary to deal with every day. These are easily obtained from food, nutrients, oxygen and, even, said that he is obtained from the positive feelings. However, the current lifestyle, constant stresssituations, poor nutrition, pollution and multiple tasks, among other factors, make having easily crash energy, feeling weak and even sick or depressive. For this reason, it is important to know how we can increase energy levels naturally as, although there are commercial energy, these are not recommended for health. This time you share 5 ways natural increase your energy and, incidentally, improve physical performance and easy.

Hydrate adequately

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Dehydration is one of the main causes of the sudden crash. Although not necessarily have to be a chronic dehydration, a simple moderate dehydration can make us feel exhausted and unable to concentrate on our tasks. If the feeling of fatigue begins to invade you, take a glass of water and see what happens.
Many don't know it, but a proper daily hydration can make a difference, in fact, better that taking drugs and other conventional products to increase energy levels.

Avoid the use of cell phones before going to sleep

Modern lifestyle and the invasion of smart phones have made that most people have some dependence and addiction of these devices, to such an extent that no can let it or to go to bed. Recent studies have found that the use of such devices before sleep can increase brain activity, preventing the proper rest and sleep RESTful. The not sleeping well, the next day energy levels decrease and it will be difficult to concentrate. Ideally, turn off or turn the muffler of the cell with at least 30 minutes in advance before going to sleep.

Increase the consumption of iron

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The iron is the mineral that is responsible for transporting oxygen to different parts of the body, contributing to the Elimination of waste and helping to maintain energy levels balanced. When our body does not absorb the necessary quantities of iron, they immediately begin to feel a series of symptoms that Herald that something doesn't go well in the body. Fatigue, lack of concentration and fatigue are symptoms that might indicate that you need to iron. In this case, the ideal is to increase consumption of lentils, red/red bean beans, leafy green vegetables and. If this is not enough, see a specialist, because there could be an iron deficiency that should be treated under medical supervision.

Avoid excessive use of drugs

Before any illness or health problem most people resorts to the use of pharmacological drugs that seem to be a quick and effective solution. However, found that many of these drugs may have side effects sleepy, that can make the person feel tired and sleepy even though that is just starting the day. If you recently started to consume some type of medication and feel this kind of symptoms, it is again talking to the doctor and ask for suggestion of some kind of alternative medicine. This option is healthy and can improve your energy levels.

Exercise, but moderate

Everything in excess is harmful, and exercise is no exception. Experts say that the exercise will help to combat the body's production of cortisol, the stress hormone that can lower our energy and cause us stress. Without, however, when the person it is exceeded with the exercise and strives its body count, the effects might be contrary and, instead of fighting the production of cortisol, can increase it causing more stress and feeling tired. For a helpful exercise that will help you feel more energy and good mood, experts recommend to perform a brief routine activity cardio, along with some minutes of strength training. This combination of exercise contributes to a better physical performance and high levels of energy.
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