3 fast and natural solutions for inflammation

3 soluciones rápidas y naturales para desinflamar
How easy it is to suffer inflammation! It may be timely, due to a concussion, an infection or a bad gesture, or even chronic, with critical moments in which the skin turns red and cause us more pain.
In this article we propose simple, natural and home remedies to relieve these inflammations quickly.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the means by which our body reacts to a pathogen or irritant agent or to a bruise. I.e. inflammation is a defense mechanism.
The characteristics of inflammation can be reddening of the area, increase the volume, pain, temperature rise and other related disorders.
Some medicinal therapies relates the inflammation with the element of fire precisely by characteristics that we just mentioned. However, when inflammation is constant there may be some differences, as the area is more cold and without volume.
In this article we focus on inflammations which have the characteristics of the element of fire: volume, heat, redness and pain.

When we apply these remedies

  • Right after a concussion without open wound.
  • In an area in which suffer chronic pain, especially in the back or joints.
  • In the neck, as a result of inflammation or infection in the throat.
  • On the area of the liver (ribs on the right side) If you feel congested or painful. We shall not use the remedy of ice, but any of the other two.
  • In the womb, if we have it swollen or suffer any specific disorder.
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Ice coated

As we have said, the heat is one of the main characteristics of any specific inflammation, so we soothe it with one of the simpler antique and home remedies that we know: the ice.
It is important to note that we do not apply the ice directly on the skin, but you can choose one of the following options:
  • A bag of peas frozen or similar.
  • A piece of ice or several cubes, but covered by a fabric.
  • A special gel bag that are sold for this purpose.
We will apply for 20 minutes, at least.
That are chronic inflammations usually do not have a high temperature, but which can precisely be colder than the rest of the skin on the body. In these cases, the application of heat (water, electric mat bag), which even is relaxing and pleasant stay is highly recommended.

Clay and turmeric

Clay is also an ancient remedy, since clay has been used traditionally for being easily within the reach of persons (and for free).
Today it is much safer to use clay clean powder, which can be found in any herbal or natural products store.
We will mix the clay with a little water, sufficient to obtain a paste that is easy to apply but that does not drip.
Whenever we use clay it is essential to avoid the utensils and containers of plastic and metal, since that this lost part of their property. Instead, we will use glass, wood, or ceramic.
Apply the clay and leave it to act until it dries.
To further enhance the effects this poultice desinflamantes recommend adding to the clay a bit of turmeric powder, since this spice not only a potent anti-inflammatory, but it also soothes is the pain.
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Pack cabbage

We continue with the home and economic remedies with this solution based on col. cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce internal inflammation in our bodies when we eat it. However, also we can apply it to the skin to achieve the same benefits.
We will need two or three outer leaves of a green cabbage.
How do we prepare it?
  1. We will put a pot with water to be heated.
  2. When the water boils, we we'll draw upon leaves three times, so we escaldaremos them slightly while they cook, and machacaremos them with the help of a mortar.
  3. We will apply the cabbage on inflammation, we will cover it with a cloth and, above, with fine plastic kitchen paper.
  4. We will leave act this col compress for a minimum of 30 minutes.
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