3 exercises to eliminate tensions and nerves

3 ejercicios para eliminar nervios y tensiones
Everyday we are subjected on occasions to too many obligations in situations that fill us with concerns and which in turn, end up manifesting itself in our body. Tensions in our neck, nerves in the stomach, headaches, tension in the jaw... I am sure that you have ever. What such if we then learn some simple exercises to find relief?

1 ease nerves while we are at work

Sometimes do not have opportunity to take a little air out to stretch your legs and to mentally disconnect from our obligations. We are in a space from which we cannot escape, no matter that it is work. We can be for example in a meeting with family, or travelling by train... moments that, for reasons that are feel loaded with nerves and tensions. What can we do?
  • Keep sitting in the Chair with your back straight, with two flat feet on the ground.
  • Now place your hands in the womb, just slightly above the navel.
  • Now comes the most important moment, we will begin to catch air very slowly through the nose, relaxing belly, noticing how is swelling very slowly with each breath. Notice it as if it were a small balloon under your hands. Something fragile but that offers relief at the same time.
  • Will then releasing the air little little, at the same time that we make a little our belly. The importance of this process is that you concentrate on your own breathing, in inhale and exhale.
  • Repeat this about 20 times, in this way our whole body is well relaxed, forcing our heart pumping regularly, thus releasing any tension. Try it,

2 alleviate nerves knotted stomach

Dolor de estomago
Is very common for nerves and tension in the stomach we accumulate. Often say that this is where focuses our "second brain". In fact, both systems are intimately connected, hence it is so common to stress or very sharp nerve feel nauseated or lose the desire to eat. You then teach how to find relief.
  • We will stand, and the first thing we will do is take air to notice how our belly swells. (as in the previous year). But once you have got that first inspiration, hold it. Hold your breath 5 seconds. We will do this to immobilize the spleen, there where also a great part of our nerves are concentrated.
  • Now released the air slowly, at the same time that you pick up little by little shoulders. In this way we also stretch the ribs forcing move part of our respiratory system.
  • Repeat this simple process 10 times. It is not more than air, take, hold and lift your shoulders a few seconds. But we guarantee that it is very effective for any time.

How to relieve tension in the head and jaw

Dolor de muelas
Tends to happen very often. Concerns, anxiety, stress at a given moment, can stretch the nerves in our face. They are those days when we feel pain in our temples and JAWS slightly tensioned. A very common sense and that insurance you've been once. How can we alleviate it? We will explain you.
  • This exercise will have to do it at home, once have arrived and you've taken a relaxing bath .
  • Lie down on the sofa, with legs slightly more elevated body, this mode will favor the proper circulation.
  • Now we are going to focus on the area of the forehead and temples, we will try to loosen the nerves in this area. So what we will do is raise eyebrows, keeping this gesture 10 seconds. Then relax.
  • Now get a hand to the area of your septum nose, just where they tend to fasten sunglasses. Index finger and thumb to massage you start this area by putting your fingers in the lacrimal eyes. Circular massage. This area is very sensitive, since it radiates much of our movement towards the face.
  • We are going now to the area of JAWS, will relieve tension in this area. What we will do is close the mouth and straining our tongue against the teeth, as if you were pushing them. Well, do it for 15 seconds.
  • Now, let's smile, very exaggerated way. This simple exercise forces us to move lots of muscles of the face. After 10 seconds, keep this smile, you shut your mouth and contracts the lips, forcefully, for 5 seconds.
  • This simple cycle will repeat it 8 times: close the mouth - push the tongue against the teeth - smile - gather the lips.
You'll see how you're finding relief, eliminating tension and nerves. Don't miss the opportunity to try these simple exercises.
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