Foods to prevent Alzheimer

Alimentos para prevenir el alzheimer
Alzheimer's is a disease that stands by the decrease of intellectual memory functions and the deterioration of thought, changes in personality, disorientation of time and space, judgment, and alterations in the latter cases ignorance of itself.
This disease is not reversible, and despite the studies of scientists, researchers and doctors even a cure has not been found, but there are some foods which, thanks to its components and nutrients, are helpful for the prevention of this disease. Then we'll show you some of those foods that you can easily include in your eating habits.

Green tea

In the disease of Alzheimer's creates a protein called amyloid, which interacts with the nerve cells causing his death and achieving a breakthrough of neuro-degenerative diseases.
Te verde (2)
Has been identified that green tea helps reduce the chances of acquiring Alzheimer's, this was discovered thanks to a study from the University of Leeds, where its researchers ensured that the antioxidants that occur in green tea may alter the shape of the beta-amyloid and avoid that they interact with a protein in particular cells that are found in the brain by preventing this interaction the amyloid effect is lost.


Citrus fruits contain important antioxidants for your brain. Vitamin C for example helps to prevent the accumulation of pollutants in the brain tissue, which makes them foods highly recommended for diseases of the brain, according to the Dr. Christine von Arnim at the University of Ulm in Germany, antioxidants help in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Although the citrus is where commonly found vitamin C abounds more foods such as papaya, guava, strawberry and kiwi is.


Beber vino
As well as green tea, it was found that red wine helps to stop the death of the cells in the brain, "It is an important step to increase our understanding of the cause and progression of Alzheimer's disease,"says lead investigator Professor Nigel Hooper, of the Faculty of biological sciences of the University of Leeds.


Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet, as well as citrus and green tea contains antioxidants that stimulate neuronal activity, at the same time prevents brain death and the loss of memory. The Pan American Health Organization recommended to consume 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day (300 - 400 mg of caffeine).


The Dr Giovambattista Desideri of the University L'Aquila, in Italy, says chocolate is one of the foods with greater ability to improve cognitive abilities and prevents the onset of Alzheimer's and other brain diseases, improving the flow of blood to the brain taking care of neurons.

Coconut oil

A study of the Spring Hill Regional Hospital showed how coconut oil could be useful to keep some of the brain cells healthy. Dr. Mary Newport tried to experiment with many products to combat Alzheimer's disease from her husband, experimenting with coconut oil noticed improvements in her brain.

Fruits and vegetables of dark tones

These fruits and vegetables in the same way that previous foods have a high preventive capacity to Alzheimer's. Most vegetables are: spinach, broccoli, Purple Onions, beets and eggplants; They are the most recommended fruits: grapes, dried plums, blackberries, strawberries and cherries.
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